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NeurOptimal® Was Designed By Clinical Psychologists With Children In Mind

NeurOptimal® is completely safe and, effective for children.  The latest generation of neurofeedback, Dynamical Neurofeedback™ allows gentle, yet precise feedback, allowing the brain to self-correct. Another advancement is that the brain mapping information is integrated in real time – this means the feedback is always accurate and provides a perfect snapshot of what exactly that brain requires to begin re-wiring for new, healthy patterning

NeurOptimal® Was Designed With Home-Use In Mind  

Whether you bring your child to our office for sessions, or rent a system at home, the neurofeedback device is the same technology.  The NeurOptimal® design team knew that the best environment for training children is at home.  So, they created software’s to be fully automated. This way, parents don’t have to worry about setting the device protocols and knowing when to change them.  With three clicks to the program, the session is running! NeurOptimal® is the only system which means each session is unique and precisely mirrors the maladaptive patterns of the brain millisecond by millisecond.  

Home neurofeedback is easy to administer - the results are tracked through quantitative checklists completed every month, and most importantly, seen in the noticeable changes.


Feeling Shattered? Teachers calling to say there's an issue in the classroom?

Neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal® system is effective and safe brain training that teaches the brain how to use the right brain waves, our "focusing" or "concentrating" brain waves when we need them. This learning is part of our unconscious brain activity, which is the target of NeurOptimal®.

Book your rental or sessions with neurofeedback with the NeurOptimal® system so you can:

Boost your child's confidence
Improve focus and attentiveness
Enhance executive functioning at school, work and in life!

Michelle Schofield, the owner of Brain Development Services uses NeurOptimal® with her own children (aged 4 and 6 years) and with her clients in clinic that have experienced Trauma (

I knew NeurOptimal® was working when the school stopped calling. 

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