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NeurOptimal  Rental


Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace

We now have NeurOptimal® Training available remotely. Looking for professional-quality EEG neurofeedback at home or within your team or business? The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback home equipment is designed to be used by consumers. It's fully automated, easy to use, and safe.

Rent a home system and get expert guidance from our neurofeedback trainers throughout your training.

Train your brain without coming to the clinic.  You will be fully supported in the set up to start your NeurOptimal® journey.

Unlimited sessions during the rental period

Ideal for:


Families: everyone can benefit from NeurOptimal®.

Users have been as young as under a year and adults into their nineties.

Sports Clubs



Community Interest Projects

Price: £1000 per month for the latest NeurOptimal® 3.5 system (same technology as we use in our clinic). Your rental includes everything you need to run sessions.

In general, our clients are most satisfied when they train 2-3 times per week per person and renting for 2 months. Some clients train daily for the first weeks. Brain training is like any learning process; when you train more frequently at first you notice the changes more quickly. The training is safe to do daily. You can train more frequently per week and for as many months as you want to keep the system. Minimum rental is one month. You will likely notice change after 8-10 session, and optimal results after 30 sessions.

NeurOptimal Rental Brain Development Services
NeurOptimal Rental Brain Development Services

Rental packages are available across the UK; with collection from Rotherham, South Yorkshire or we can arrange an insured courier to deliver and collect and remote support will be provided.

Start your brain training journey today! Fill this form out to start or enquire about the renting process.

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