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Signs of retained Primitive Reflexes

Signs of retained Primitive Reflexes

Do you recognise any of these signs? If you recognise some of these signs it may be that your child has retained primitive reflexes

Signs of retained Primitive Reflexes

Low tolerance to stress or constant state of inner stress


Easily scared/jumpy


Insecure / anxious

Difficulty interacting with others

Poor sleep routine

Difficulties sitting still, fidgety

Poor handwriting, spelling

Excessive writing pressure

Difficulties with maths

Tense muscles especially in the legs

Toe walking

Bed-wetting post age of 5

Problems learning to hop

Problems with physical coordination

Problems learning to do breast stroke

Problems riding a bike

Difficulties with ball games

Poor hand eye coordination

Difficulty holding head up

Tense shoulder muscles

W sitting

Finds concentration hard

Fussy eating/beige diet

Poor muscle tone

Tendency to slump whilst sitting

Poor motor development

Travel/motion sickness

Poor balance

Lacks spatial awareness

Poor short-term memory

Trouble crossing the midline

Fine motor skills difficulties i.e. fastening buttons


Thumb sucker

Sensory sensitivities


Dislikes sports

Fear of heights

(This list is not exhaustive)

Signs of retained Primitive Reflexes
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