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Primitive Reflexes in Adopted & Looked After Children

During pregnancy the birth mother may have had:

Poor Nutrition

Drug use

Alcohol use

Experienced extreme stress

Poor mental health


Lack of movement

Domestic Violence

All these factors affect the movements baby makes during pregnancy. All the movements babies make during pregnancy are important for the reflexes to integrate.

After birth often the children have fewer opportunities to move for example it’s not uncommon to read that the child spent length periods strapped in prams or highchairs, were in car seats for extended periods.  This reduces the opportunities for movements and stimulation. Babies may have Limited tummy time, crawling opportunities, or interaction due to Limited space, an Unsafe environment and parenting capacity.

These early developmental stages affect the way the child develops, the way they stand, walk, how they talk and how they then learn and manage emotions and their relationships.

Primitive Reflexes are our Foundational blocks.

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Primitive Reflexes in Adopted & Looked After Children
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